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A Firefly Sits on an Electric Fence, Reflecting on Light


at Roodkapje, Rotterdam


Danielle Hoogendoorn & Jonathan van Doornum

co-curated with Rawad Baaklini

This exhibition can be considered a spatial narrative that depicts contemporary myths and fables. A charming trilogy is woven through three rooms as Hoogendoorn’s animals and van Doornum’s sharp compositions invite the audience to imagine themselves within the artist's stories.


Depicted through animal portraits, dramatic quilts and ceramic farm animal heads, Hoogendoorn captures striking sceneries of fictional creatures alluding to a greater tale. These playful scenes are opposed by the polished poetics of van Doornum’s installations. The shapes of his aluminium creations have been contorted, like antennas, to activate our curiosities.


Both artists suggest a much needed disruption in our linear lives, as they call to a reckoning the need to escape. Hoogendoorn’s work reminds us to ask what are the morals of our individual stories, while van Doornum frames a mythical tale that depicts us and escapes us until the end of time.

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