A Gesture of Silence

Installation and Book

in collaboration with Micheline Nahra and Kirsten Spruit

A Gesture Of Silence is a project that is not a definition of silence, but an exploration of the conceptual existence of it. Having identified silence as a relatable aspect of the processes that breed and reflect peace and justice, it became a design component of reliability within the broad subject.


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The installation exists as a space holder which signifies silence. It creates a visible boundary between the emptiness of its surroundings, as well as the emptiness that it holds within. The transluscent material allows resonating visuals and sounds to enter, while still maintaining a barrier that prevents clear communication. Individuals can enter the inflatable and experience the power of exclusion that nothingness (which we equated to silence) can create. 

a gesture of silence book.png

The book shifts the experience of silence onto the reader’s shoulders by empowering and equipping individuals with knowledge on how to approach themselves within silence. By exploring the ways in which silence exists within our lives, and contemplating its reasoning and effects, we composed the book as a gesture that enacts silence. We partner the book with an inflatable that is explained within the book. It is a symbol of negative space wherein the air that it encaptures exists for only a temporary moment. It is defined by its boundaries, the same way in which silence is only distinguishable by its borders of interruption.



Book Contents:

How to find silence
How to notice silence
How to understand silence How to define silence
How to look for silence
How to release silence
How to relate to silence
How to express silence
How to show silence
How to create silence
How to embody silence
How to use silence
How to make space for silence How to encounter silence

Book Extract: How to Make Space for Silence

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