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Tiiu Meiner

Born in Tallinn, Estonia

Based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Tiiu Meiner is a writer and freelance curator with a recent Masters diploma from Design Academy Eindhoven (2019). Her topics of interest deal with establishments of knowledge and self-discovery through readings of contemporary culture. Her research methodologies range from deeply empathic to carefully self-reflective to enthusiastically factual. She often borrows theories from fields of psychology, sociology, media and cultural theory and semiotics. Her outcomes vary greatly from texts in essay forms and poetry, as well as poetic story telling in film, performance and installation design. 



Her latest works have been a series of performative workshops that deconstruct and recontextualise conspiracy theories, as well as moderating and producing podcasts and live panel discussions on design. She has exhibited the workshops at Bureau Europa in Maastricht and De Fabriek in Eindhoven, and moderates during Dutch Design Week at the Design Academy graduation show.

Her masters graduation project from Design Curating & Writing at Design Academy Eindhoven was on conspiracy theories, and she has previously graduated from a bachelors degree in Media & Communications at Goldsmiths University of London.

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Visiting Student: If I Can't Dance I Don't Want to Be a Part of Your Revolution/ University of the Underground in the Cloud

University of the Underground, Amsterdam

2017 - 2019

MA Design Writing & Curating
Design Academy Eindhoven

2014 - 2017

BA Media & Communications

Goldsmiths, University of London

Summer 2016

Exchange IBCOM

Erasmus University of Rotterdam


International Baccalaureate

Birkerød Gymnasium, Denmark




2020 - CURATOR A Firefly Sit on an Electric Fence Reflecting on Light, Roodkapje

2020 - EDITOR  ..., might delete later, Dutch Design Week

2020 - CURATOR Don't Avoid What is Easy, Vabaduse Gallerii, Tallinn 

2019 - PERFORMANCE & CURATOR I Know That You Know (that they know that we might know): De Fabriek, Eindhoven

2019 - CO-CURATOR Film Posters from the Last Century: Tallinn Film Museum, Tallinn


2020 - FILM Carry on, and so on and so on, Geo-Design Sand: Building Blocks of Modernity, Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven

2020 - INSTALLATION Print & Play Exhibition: Online

2019 - PERFORMANCE GS19, Design Academy Graduation Show: Campina, Eindhoven

2019 - PERFORMANCE Maastricht Museum Night: Bureau Europa, Maastricht

2018 -  INSTALLATION Peace and Justice: De Electriciteitsfabriek, The Hague

2018 - PERFORMANCE Facebook Bingo, Data Embassy, Dutch Design Week: Eindhoven

2017 - PERFORMANCE Goldsmiths Degree Show, Goldsmiths University of London: London



Illuminating the Black Box: The Arena GS20

with Elsa Rambaud, Jorim Theuns, Pete Fung, Bogomir Doringer and Lenka Hamosova


Abandoning Nature?: The Arena GS20

with Hannah Segerkrantz, Charly Blödel, Ignacio Subias, Madeleine Oltra, Dean Bowen, Rebecca Lewin and Carla Khater

2019 - Q&A HOST

Silent Memories: Eindhoven Film Festival


Design and Media: The Arena, GS19
with Yuri Veerman, Andrea Karch, Martina Huyn from Cream on Chrome, Julia Romanowska, and Ines Glowania


Culturally Entangled Artefacts: The Arena, GS18
with Amanda Pinatih, Nadine Botha, Simon Ballen Baturo and Pascale Theron


Design and Human Rights: The Arena, GS18
with Joseph Grima, Ravi Naidoo, Maxime Benvenuto and Bernhard Lenger


Curating in the Age of the Internet: The Arena, GS18
with Charles Esche, Martina Muzi, Agata Jaworska, Mikaela Steby-Stenfalk and Delany Boutkan


2020 - Conspiring to Curate Conspiracy Theories: Running Dog

2020 - She's Still Home: Grandmother Project

2018 - Post-humanism: Trends at Dutch Design Week 2017 Good Design for a Bad World/Dezeen 

2017 - The Morality of the Archive: Interview with Annette Behrens Memories of the Future/Open Set 2017 

2017 - Virtual Sentiment / CANARY Publication

Content Production

2020 - ARENA: Design Academy Eindhoven Graduation Show

2019 - Design Research Podcast: Knowledge Circle 

2019 - ARENA: Design Academy Eindhoven Graduation Show

2018 - ARENA: Design Academy Eindhoven Graduation Show

Educational Workshops

2020 - Intuitive Writing Workshops: Critical Inquiry Lab,  Online

2019 - What if I Don't Care: Athens, Greece

2019 - The Fragility of Truth: Masters Open Day, Design Academy Eindhoven, Netherlands

2019 - How to Do Conspiracy Theories: Digital Dilemmas - the Architecture of Trust,  Bureau Europa, Maastricht