Splintered Thoughts and Fragie Plots

Noorderlicht Studio, Groningen (NL)
part of Noorderlicht International Photo Festival 2021: The Makeable Mind

07.08 - 03.10.2021

Tiiu Meiner and Rawad Baaklini

Alaa Abu Asad, Sergi Casero, Jacob Dwyer, Emirhakin, Maria Khatchadourian, Sherida Kuffour, Micheline Nahra, Sarane Mathis, Walid Raad, Ceola Tunstall-Behrens and Liza Wolters.


Graphic Design by Kirsten Spruit

Font Keroïne by Charlotte Rohde

The exhibition Splintered Thoughts and Fragile Plots suspects that some truths are like poetry. That they are skilfully formulated hints alluding to something much greater. Before they become truths, they are ideas that are nameless and formless; not yet born, but already felt. Once identified and perceived as truths, they take form as beliefs that are transferred, embellished and rhetorically intensified.

Eleven artists explore mannerisms towards truths in eight artworks and three performances. Photographs, paintings, video and audio-visual installations show us how easily truths can be tangled or untangled from a story. Just like the words in a poem, the works shed a sideway light onto the ways of the world, exploring tales that cannot be judged as true or false. Rather, they reassess what truth is in the first place; inherently intangible, evasive, yet present. It becomes the material of poetry.

All photos by Hanne van der Welde

YC_Splintered_Thoughts_and_Fragile_Plots_installation_view_(©Hanne_van_der Velde)_01 copy.
YC_Splintered_Thoughts_and_Fragile_Plots_installation_view_(©Hanne_van_der Velde)_02.jpg
YC_Splintered_Thoughts_and_Fragile_Plots_installation_view_(©Hanne_van_der Velde)_07.jpg
YC_Splintered_Thoughts_and_Fragile_Plots_installation_view_(©Hanne_van_der Velde)_11 copy.
YC_Splintered_Thoughts_and_Fragile_Plots_installation_view_(©Hanne_van_der Velde)_10 copy.
YC_Splintered_Thoughts_and_Fragile_Plots_installation_view_(©Hanne_van_der Velde)_12 copy.
YC_Splintered_Thoughts_and_Fragile_Plots_installation_view_(©Hanne_van_der Velde)_13.jpg
YC_Splintered_Thoughts_and_Fragile_Plots_installation_view_(©Hanne_van_der Velde)_04 copy.
YC_Splintered_Thoughts_and_Fragile_Plots_installation_view_(©Hanne_van_der Velde)_05.jpg